Whaaaat 2013 here already??

Well what can I say, can’t really believe it in all honesty.  This year is set to be a really big one for us.  My 1st child (Still my baby always) starts grade one in a weeks time.  Shew, no ways.  2 days back she celebrated her 7th Birthday.  “My Girlie, you are so big and so beautiful” You will always be my baby.

My Second child is giving me a rough time and I am seriously at a spot where I am considering having his assessed for ADHD with an OT as this is starting to work a little on our bond with each other.  I find myself losing too much patience with him, being not the Mommy I really want to be. I need to get this dealt with.  We have a special bond, we always have.  He has always been a very high needs child right from day one and it took me a long time to realize the kind of parent I needed to be with him, I started to fix that and the last thing I want is for it all to fly out the window again. It will all work out in 2013.

My 3rd child is already 7 months old.  She is my true A.P baby (Attachment parenting) for those that are saying… whaaaa?  Besides the cloth nappies that I have done for ages with my others and make a living from, We are also keenly enjoying the art of babywearing to the degree that I think I may have a fettish for baby carriers as apposed to my previous shoe fettish. We are Co-sleeping for the most part (Just recently started with the cot for some of the night) unlike the other two, well not true really my Son has been Co-sleeping for half the night with me for the last 3 years but it’s different than Mila.  That brings me to the next point… We need a bigger bed.  I probably should do what a lot of others do and just put an extra bed in the room to make ours bigger but quite frankly the future thought of having a great big burly comfy King Size all to myself and my husband does make me smile inside and I want it, I want it bad!!

The next big thing to happen in 2013 is that I sold my business (My other baby) I am heart sore  but I know it’s the right thing.  I can’t do it all, something had to give.  I feel positive that this change will just open up new avenues for me and give me more time to attend to my latest business and less stress = more positive time with my children and husbandImage.

Well  I do beleive that 2013 is going to be far better than 2012 and that it’s about time too.  I have had enough of saying.. “next year will be better” and then it isn’t and at the end of it you say “Well that rather sucked but glad I survived”

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