What a Mamma Wants Series August 2015- Part 1

So this morning in a previous post I talked about a new series I want to do for Woman’s Month.  I have entitled it “What a Mamma wants”  This is a series of 5 installments of the things I want/need to get and do to get ready for Spring.  So part one of this series I will focus on some of the things I am looking into regarding a Spring Work and Home Wardrobe.

Before the end of last summer I did a massive purge on my wardrobe in order to de-clutter and do a bit of organizing.  I had the idea to try wardrobe capsuling and for the most part this has been going well although I have since discovered that I left myself with virtually nothing for winter or the in-between seasons like Spring and Autumn.  Yeah, dumb I know!

So I need to get a few things.  I have been checking out some pinterest boards and getting ideas of whats going to be hot for Spring 2015 and what I clearly see I need is a Denim overhaul in my wardrobe.

I am a sucker for Denim, I love Denim but for the past couple of years I haven’t been spending too much on anything denim because my weight has been up and down like you wouldn’t believe.  My weight is nice and stable now and so I am ready to tuck into what there is to offer.

I am particularly attracted to the selection at Cotton On and a few other retail outlets but am also completely in love with some of the gorgeous things I have seen at some boutique store as well as Spree.co.za.

So I need the following:

A new pair of dark blue Jeans (Fitted flare or Skinnies or both)

A really nice Chambray/Denim Shirt for layering

A fabulous Denim Jacket that can be dressed up or down.

Tough task at hand I know.  The main reason for this is that I am extremely fussy when it comes to Denim, shade, texture, fit you name it.  I am hard to please.

I have A pinterest board if you would like to see the things I am after but mostly the trend is Denim on Denim but never matchy matchy.

Fit for me is super important so I really have to think out of the box where the whole boyfriend Jean comes into the picture, I am not sure I will be able to get my head around that one but I will try.

I am also looking at a really great Denim shirt dress or Skirt but am yet to see anything that catches my eye.

The point of this post for me is to say without a shadow of a doubt that Denim should be appearing in mounds in your wardrobe this coming season. There is no such thing as too much.

In my humble opinion Denim is the perfect Mommy accessory, It’s just so versatile. Up or down, there is no right or wrong. It just always looks good.

So Denim is not the only thing on my list, but I just wanted to share one of the many with you.

So go on, go get yourself some new Denim, you deserve it.

Happy shopping

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