When did December arrive??

Can it be?  Is it truly so?  I do not remember November (True Story) And now it seems I am well into the swing of December and only a few short days from Christmas.  Crikey, I had better get my act into gear.  Soon the clan will be wanting to leave on our planned holiday and I havn’t even thought to entertain any logistics regarding that. 

So this year we are doing an 11 hour car trip with a 6yr, 3yr and 6 month old, mmmm, yes, I must be crazy!!  How you ask?  Well I do not know considering I have not ever done it.  But there is a first time for everything and so this is that time. In an attempt to pre-empt any travelling issues with regards to space we have found ourselves driving a newly aquired 7 seater vehicle and so that bit is thankfully sorted but what to do to keep the mini me’s busy on the long car trip?? Arts/ Crafts, Games, Food & Music are the order of the day.  Have been looking for ideas and discovered Pinterest but feel a bit inferior with all the real ‘Supermom” ideas I see on there.  I saw some ideas for snacks to pack and wondered who in their right mind had time to make these impossibly clever pretty lunchboxes with Cookie Cut pieces of Cheese and cucumber flowers thingies?  No not practical for me. There are craft and fun ideas too which take my breath away but I seem to wonder weather i would have the patience to get this all together and then weather my children would be happy to sit in a car and do these crafts.


Then comes the real dinger, the toilet…. Last time we did this my Son was not yet two and wore a nappy. Although he is potty trained during the day now, when he needs to go, he needs to go and I wonder how we will manage this whole situation.  Somehow my older daughter had a unique ability to hold it in until we had a place to stop.  I do not have a portable potty, neither do I relish the thought of digging a “Potty hole” on the side of the road somewhere deep in the Kalahari on a 43 degree day.  Ok, just another thing I will need to wing when we get there.

We are overnighting at friends so there will be a break atleast and some sanity for me…. I think by the time we get there a tall glass of Ice Cold Wine might be in order but that is only 4 hours after we have left home… I wonder what the next day might look like with the remaining 7 or so hours bearing in mind we will be making many unscheduled stops along the way to stretch legs, stop fights and tend to ablutions.  Will keep you all posted.


Happy holidays all.



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