When your smallest baby is about to turn 3!

In exactly 36 hours of posting this piece my babiest baby will be turning 3.  WOW!  I don’t actually know how to deal with that really.  So many emotions actually.


They grow up so so quickly. …*note to self, stop taking the little moments and times for granted.  Before you blink your eyes they will be out the house and off to University*.

This week has been really yuck because I have been super sick with a viral bug and it’s really had me Woman down hence no blogging and so much so that I woke up to the severe realization just yesterday after a few moments/days of feeling super sorry for myself that this little flower of mine is having her birthday in just a short while and I have been so self involved/absorbed to actually notice the date approaching, and heaven help me I have hardly thought about it or done anything in particular with regards to it, bar for the fact that I at-least showed a little initiative a few months back and arranged her actual party in advance with an events company but more on that and something else exciting in an upcoming post I will be doing about the party.

I can’t believe we are already at a 3rd birthday, when just the other day I was arranging her 1st.  I don’t even really know where this post is going but just that I had this sudden rush of emotion and almost of denial that time waits for no man/woman and moves very quickly. Your babies wont stay babies forever and if we are blessed we will see them all have their own babies which we can lovingly dote over as Grandparents but live in the now and enjoy each moment before it is gone forever.

Just in this last year we have gone from a family with a baby in Diapers full time and drinking bottles with lots of babble and not much conversation, to an all round potty trained and fully functioning stand alone little person who know what she wants and when she wants it. Geepers, that happened rather quickly and my head is spinning.  She is our little character, a personality of note and I look forward to (as well as with my other two kids) seeing her grow up into a blooming, blossoming, lovely child/teen and then adult but WHOA, can’t I make time stand still for just a little bit?

At the end of the day she is still my baby, I mean she still spends most of every night cuddled up in my bed with me so I have still have that.  But oh, the independence… it’s that that’s getting to me I think.

Well, I will end this rather random post by saying I look forward to sharing our Birthday party details with you in an upcoming post and really sorry for the random blabber but needed to get it off my chest.  I am sure it will be a blast in the end and that most importantly we are all together, happy and healthy.

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