2016 sucked balls and this is why!

Want to know why 2016 sucked balls for me?

Every New year I say to myself the next is going to be just amazing.  I have had bad years before, like the year my Dad got cancer died 2 months later or the year I was retrenched shortly before I was to get married and it took 8 months to find another job. Or the year we wanted to buy a house, gave up and sacrificed a lot only to have our dreams and financial future pretty much shattered by someone else’s selfishness which set us on a downward spiral, that still seems to be going downward. It has taken us years to get to where we are now yet there are still many more to go before we will ever be able to get that dream back off the ground. There are also the  numerous years we hoped to fall pregnant and didn’t, 6 in total (Those were sad hurtful years) There have been other examples but this post is all about why 2016 just sucked balls and nothing else.

This is not bound to be a long post because I really don’t feel like moping about it, I just really want to get it off my chest and move on.  2016 is the year I turned 40 and it was supposed to be amazing.  It was anything but. None of what I mention below is in any kind of timeline.  It is going to spew out just as things come to mind. Apologies in advance. Also, you may or may not like all the words I use, but let’s be real, this isn’t a fake blog and I am not a fake person.  I have already decided that in 2017 I will be telling it like it is. If what I write offends you then perhaps this is not the place for you. i do promise that I won’t haul out the real swear words although let it be known I have been using them a lot.  I may need rehabilitation for that in 2017. I never really used to swear.  I also never really used to drink much wine nevermind every day but in this last year,  I’ll be honest, I have been known to be  having breakfast and wondering if it was too early to have some.

So much happened this year.  Financially it has been a complete turd, I’ll just leave that there.  We have been living in a house that is owned by the Landlord from Hell or Loonytoons land or something.  He has been the direct cause of my poor husband spending every conceivable spare time at home i.e weekend and after working hours in the garden and at the swimming pool because this nutter for lack of a better word thinks it is ok to just arrive unannounced or gain entry even if we aren’t there and take photo’s of the place.  He then later makes it his business to instruct the agents about all the things he is unhappy with, examples of this are tiny weeds sprouting in paving or leaves that have blown onto the grass.  I mean have you ever? This has caused unbelievable amounts of stress for us but especially my husband. Similarly, we had an issue with Rental Agent who took it upon herself to lump a huge amount of extra costs onto our invoice in August for bank charges she believed we should pay backdated an entire year.  It was not a small sum.  We contested it and ended up going to the rental tribunal.  After many months of stress and up and down to the rental tribunal and lawyers it was all sorted and of course it was in our favor but the time and energy it took to sort out is gone forever now. I am just sorry the timing was so wrong and that it had rather happened before we just signed another lease.  Now we are stuck there until the middle of next year.  We can’t wait to move.

My husband was stuck in a loser company for 10 years, this year he was fortunate enough to find a far better company to work for.   He works from our home and as many will tell you working from home is not all it’s cracked up to be.  It has been a rough few months.  I do hope next year will run better for him and then in turn for me and the kids.

I accomplished none of the things I had wanted to this year.  I did not get fit, I did not lose weight and I did Zero Yoga.  I did, however, put my back out 3 or 4 times and discovered I have developed Facet Joint Osteoarthritis.  Mouthful I know but it goes nicely with the Rheumatoid Arthritis I developed in my early 30’s. What I have done right though is to implement a massive diet change and I feel that this is helping the above mentioned a lot.  No more meat and very little dairy and egg consumption.

In early May I decided that my blog was not who I was anymore, I knew it needed to change and I thought I knew what that change needed to be.  Let’s just say after many many hours of slogging and changing it all it bombed and with it all that I had taken the previous 4 years to build along with it.  I love my blog, I love to write, I have just lost what I want to say, I’ve lost my voice, I have lost my relationship with my readers and also the brands who I had enjoyed working alongside.  Along with that I also seem to have lost my sense of humor.  I do hope that I find these again in 2017. I feel like a part of me is missing.

There were some very big changes at work this year.  I won’t elaborate but they involve quite a bit of adjustment and new work.  It’s been good but it’s also been hard. It’s been quite a stressful few months.  I also faced a huge disappointment here and although I would love to talk about it, I don’t feel this is the place.

Then somewhere along the line October happened and that was probably the worst month this entire year. In January for my 40th birthday, I was given the very best gift ever, that was my beautiful Yorkshire Terrier Milo. Like another child to me.  And then just like that one day when I arrived home from work and within the space of probably only 30 minutes he was gone, never to be seen again.  My heart broke into a million pieces and has not healed.  We think he was stolen. I miss my little boy. October was also the month my eldest daughter was chosen to take part in a very important national school event and it involved her traveling to another town.  I was so very proud of her but missed it all due to those dang financial hassles.  She won first place in the whole country.  Me not being there was disappointing for me but more for her because I couldn’t share it with her and it really upset her. I hate disappointing my children!

Look I know most of these things may sound severely trivial to a lot of people and that other people have faced far more traumatizing circumstances.  They would say I should be thankful and grateful for what I have and that my family and I are healthy and able.  Yes, of course I am thankful and grateful, I thank God every day for what I have.  Please don’t trivialize what we have gone through just because it is not as big as other stories and people that 2016 has been unkind to.

There were numerous other niggly things but I promised this post wouldn’t be long and whiney and look here it is already at over a 1000 words.  I’ll end it here but I really only have one last thing to say.

2016 sucked balls and this is why

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If I don’t get to post anything here before that time then please have the most blessed and wonderful festive season and an absolutely rocking and sincerely great 2017!

Take Care



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4 thoughts on “2016 sucked balls and this is why!

  1. Ek stem oor 2017!! ASSEBLIEF! My jaar was ook goor. Oh my word.

    Ek is so jammer vir alles wat jy (en julle) deurgemaak het. Ek bid dat dinge van nou af net beter en beter sal raak!! Liefde xx

    1. Ag Charlene, dit was ‘n aaklige jaar vir meeste mense. Ek glo en vertrou dat die jaar net wonderlik sal wees vir ons almal. Sterkte en mooi feestyd vir jou en jou familie.

  2. When we lived in Zurich, I came home from work one day.
    Winter, chilly, that’s strange – why are the windows open, why does it smell of paint or chemicals??
    Our landlord had come into the flat and sprayed poison against the cockroaches (from the icky flats in the rest of the block).
    SO glad we do NOT live there any more. We also went and lodged a complaint.
    Just because you are the landlord and have a key … doesn’t entitle you to walk in ‘as if you own the place’
    Tenants pay rent and have rights.
    Hope you have a happier home lined up for next year!

    Oh. And. Blog on!

    1. Oh Diana, I don’t know where they get off thinking they can just do that. It is just plain wrong. I am paying his bond, not boarding with him. We have to start looking a little closer to the time but know we will find the right place. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. It’s lovely to have you here. Have a wonderful festive season.

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