Why I want hair like Jennifer Aniston {+ Info about the 2015 CT Hair & Beauty show 21-22 November}

One thing us mothers really do well is to often completely neglect ourselves and rather focus on the ones around us and their needs.  It’s effectively what the basis of mothering is built on isn’t it?  We are nurtures to others and sadly forget ourselves in the process far too often. Also as working mother’s we are for the most part expected to make an effort everyday and keep ourselves looking good externally for the benefit of the first impression to your clients.

I am a very typical case of this affliction, whereby I can spend hours and $$$ of making sure everybody else in my family unit and around me, has what they need, and get what they desire, and more often than not months will go by where I haven’t done anything for myself. You guessed it, I am not talking about things like taking a rest or reading a book.  I am talking about the things that we as Woman, once we become mothers, put aside as unnecessary or too timeous to deal with or do, and for a lot of us too expensive, and we could rather use the money for things for our kids or home. I am talking about personal grooming here, the kind that someone does for you, and that you pay money for. Haircuts, Manicures, Pedicures, Facials, massages and the like. Yes we often do our own at home Mani or facial and yes, and I will have you know that I once even cut my own hair out of desperation (Didn’t turn out too badly but I felt jipped after like why the heck did I have to do that myself?) and I honestly don’t care to recall how many times I have not so successfully changed my own hair colour at home. It would probably pain you to know that the last time I actually went to have my hair styled and new Highlights done was in April this year so it’s time.

I don’t really want hair like Jennifer Aniston but she is quite famous for the LOB and her styles are always the ones I gravitate towards. My hair has gotten pretty long now and is completely out of style, and never mind the whole accidental Ombrè effect I have going on with the long overdue highlights growing out. It is also in a really awful condition because of the millions of split ends and because I really have not given it much attention of late and it badly needs a conditioning treatment. I mostly just keep it out-of-the-way now with a Bun or in a ponytail for work so that it at least looks neat. At this stage my Invisi-Bobble and Crocodile Clip are my best friends and i’m getting bored.  I have decided I want to change it up quite a bit though, and have been looking at a selection of styles. I am turning 40 soon and I am sure there are some styles I am looking at, that aren’t going to make me look like Emma Stone or Reece Witherspoon but I guess a girl can dream can’t she?  There are just so many different styles to choose from.  I have worn my hair quite short as well as medium and long and most shapes suit me but the maintenance part is always what gets me.  I have very thin hair and it’s quite limp so styling always takes a lot of time, which I really don’t have a lot of.  I have to be very wise in my choice here.

So here is a picture of my hair, you can see it really does need a lot of TLC. It’s far beyond what I care to say is my actual standard for my hair.

hair copy

That brings me to the LOB or Long Bob.  This is the one style trend that I can actually see myself carrying off easily and not pulling out half of my limp hair in the process.  It’s long enough to tie up or back if you need to yet short enough to look like you have done something different. For me, anything shorter than shoulder length at this stage would probably be a bad idea although there are some lovely styles I have seen. I have worn my hair in a shorter bob before and it was not my favorite.  It was always in the way, too short to tie back and forever blowing around in the wind.  I have kids, if there is one thing I really don’t enjoy it’s having my hair blow into my eyes or mouth while I am trying to eat an Ice-cream or watching them ride their bikes outside.

So I selected a few styles and I thought I would show you.  I considered a voting option like I had seen on another blog the other day but opted against it because I would probably get all confused and I think I have pretty much made up my mind of which one I am going for. I like all the styles but I am particularly drawn to the Angled or inverted long bob with layers.  I have had it similar a number of years ago before LOB’s and angled Bobs were trendy.  I remember liking it a lot but grew that into a one length style with a blunt thick fridge at one stage. I liked that too but I found the fringe too high maintenance.

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I have a Pinterest Board with some of the styles I liked here which you can check out if this is something you are considering too.

I look forward to my new style and I also look forward to starting on a clean slate with healthy hair. I am lucky enough to be attending as a guest to the Cape Town Hair & Beauty show at the Lookout in the V&A Waterfront over this coming weekend. From the information I received about the event it looks like one not to be missed. One of the things that has grabbed my interest is that Kardashian Hair and Beauty SA will be teaming up with Style bar who are also hosting a Dry Bar at the event and so I am really excited about that.  I am quite keen to see the range of Kardashian hair products and would love to chat to the Stylebar team about some options for new colour.  I am gravitating quite severely towards the whole “Bronde” trend and think it would work well as it’s quite near to my natural hair colour and would suit my skin tone.

Some of the highlights for this year include:

  • A blow-dry bar hosted by Kardashian Beauty
  • Popular brands such as Moroccan Oil
  • Hair & skincare educational line up
  • Summer fashion show by the Design Academy of Fashion
  • An exclusive stage show: “From Garbo to Gaga – Glamour Explored” by the International Hairdressing Academy
  • Cosmopolitan Red Carpet photo-lounge area

The event organizers have also managed to secure a great line-up of MC’s for the show including local commedienne Mel Jones and Annaliese Dayes who was second runner up on America’s Next Top Model (cycle 18 – British Invasion)

Hair logo
Visit the CT Hair &Beauty show at the Lookout at the V&A Waterfront 21 & 22 November 2015. Buy tickets online at Quicket.

There are going to be some fantastic exhibitors and a programme filled with great talks and demonstrations by top names in the field of hair, beauty and fashion. I will  blog about my experience there at a later stage.  I really am looking forward to it.  I decided to take my eldest daughter with me.  She is becoming quite obsessed with make-up and hair and I am sure she is going to enjoy it as much as I will. A little bird told me there will be pampering, show specials of up to 40% discount and giveaways to be had too. There is also going to be a “Chill Lounge” where you can Enjoy Scrumptious food from the fabulous food trucks with diverse offerings that will be available for visitors to purchase a bite to eat. In addition cocktails, wine and soft drinks will be on sale for visitors within the food zone. Sip and sample new drinks as well as old favourites in the dedicated wine tasting area!

Tickets to the Hair and Beauty Show 2015 are R120 per person per day for adults. This includes a FREE 3 months Cosmopolitan Magazine Subscription. The free subscription only to online ticket holders. Tickets at the door can be purchased for R100 but don’t include the subscription. Children under the age of 10 get in for free. Just as last year, a percentage of the money from each ticket will be donated to CANSA. Tickets will also be available at the door on the day, but due to the large crowds and long queues, it is highly advisable to pre-purchase your passes.

Tickets are available online via www.quicket.co.za


Saturday 21st November 10am- 6pm

Sunday 22nd November 10am – 6pm

 GENERAL ENQUIRIES – info@capetownhairshow.co.za
CONTACT NUMBERS – 0218392599 or 0
WEBSITE                      –

Some of the sponsors for this year are:


Thank you for reading this deeply shallow post about me and my hair and listening to my hair woes.  I hope to come back soon with pictures of a new look me and exciting things to tell about my adventures at the CT Hair show this weekend. What is your favorite hairstyle trend at the moment?  What is the best hairstyle you have ever had and would love to have again.  I would love to hear from you.  Share this post with others and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog for new, updates and information on giveaways and resources.

Take Care

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  1. Lots of nice hair styles and I’m sure you’ll find the right one for you. I just did highlights this week and I don’t think I can keep them up (financially) either!

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