Why? Unsolved parenting mysteries.

So why is it that when you have small children they always choose to do the most uncouth or severly gross things when you have just woken up and have not even had your first sip of wine… Uhumm Coffee yet?  I have a 5 month old baby who is cutting teeth and wouldn’t you know that at 5am this morning she chose to deliver me a gift of a seriously awful load of crap!  Now not being a morning person this has somewhat put a reasonable damper on my mood this fine day and sculpted a way forward if you will, a trend of things to come.  I know teething nappies& Sleepless nights will not be forever but at this stage I long for a late lie in without interruptions and a big wish would be to spend one full night in my own bed or rather with my husband and not with my 3 & 6 year old in a game of musical beds.  Ahhh, alot is to be said for patience being a virtue…. just don’t think they had enough of it to go around when they were dishing that one out.

So essentially by this evening this would describe exactly how I feel.


Over and out to all you Mums who are going through the same!

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