{Win} A one month subscription for an Acornkids Kidsbox.

I knew a bathing kids post would be inevitable on my blog someday, but I really had thought it would be more in the line of just how much my kids hate bath-time, and in turn making me hate it as much.  Well those days do happen, and they happen often but recently Acorn Kids came to rescue, and bath-time has not been the same since.

To be honest I have never used any of the range of Acorn Kids products although I have known the name for years, probably about 10 if I had to think about it carefully.  Just why I hadn’t tried them out is beyond me because I have to tell you, they are all that and a bag of chips, and they have made bath-time for my kids sheer pleasure in the last while. Yvonne from AcornKids has this to say about the range:

Acornkids Bath Products are unique and designed for early learning FUN! They turn bath time into a magical
experience, an extravaganza of colour fun and excitement. Our wide range of bathtime products add colour
and enjoyment to your kid’s bath time, and encourage learning in a fun interactive way. An Acornkids bath is
the perfect way to end the day for you and your child! Extract from Acornkids website

Just recently I received the good news that Acornkids was going to be launching a monthly subscription box concept called KidsBox.  I am kind of obsessed with subscription boxes, so this news got my full attention and I read on.  What a better way to try out the range! So I was sent a box to try, and once it arrived the excitement in our home could not be contained. I almost didn’t get any decent photo’s before my children ran off with the box to open and sniff everything.  It all smells so good, good enough to eat.


Kidsbox is monthly subscription service that brings a selection of the top-selling Acornkids Bath and early learning Products to you once a month. There are 2 options: Monthly R199 including Postal Delivery to your nearest Post Office, or R 229
delivered by Courier to your front door. For that fee you will receive 4-6 carefully selected products from the range to try. So if you have ever contemplated trying the Acornkids range for your kids but hadn’t done so yet, then this is for you. Another really wonderful idea, is that you could gift it to a child for a birthday or special treat. The gift never stops giving until the subscription ends.  You could perhaps select to take the subscription for a few months and make a child out there a very happy little one.  I’m telling you the look on their faces when the box opens up is really priceless.

So now you are asking what it is exactly that we got in our box, so let me spill the beans…. or is that bath beans? (Excuse the pun)

In this box we received a packet of Funky Faces which is a set of foam face parts, that you can use to create funny faces in many combinations on the side of the bath, or by sticking them to the bathroom walls.  Now I am sure you can imagine the squeals of delight, coming from the bathroom with three kids in the bath playing with these. (Ok, so i’ll be honest,  I played with them too when I took a soak this weekend. I couldn’t help myself) The set consists of 2 faces with 43 extra parts to get creative with.  This product really encourages creative and imaginative play.  All you need to do is let the pieces float in the bathwater and let the fun begin.  No instruction needed, the kids know exactly what to do and you will be surprised at just how many combinations they can come up with. This set sells separately on the AcornKids store for R99.

Funny faces final


We also received Purple Soap Putty which is a “playdoughy” textured soap free bath soap, which gently cleanses the skin. The colors are bright and the fragrance deliciously fruity. It smells so good you really just want to take a bite.  It comes in a cute little egg-shaped container along with a cookie cutter.  You can either just put the whole thing into the bath to use and play with, or have the kids cut a few shapes out and use those.  I did this to make it fair for all three kids and they all got to experience the fun of washing with “Playdough” You can buy your own for R41 on the AcornKids store.

Next up was one of the favorites, the Yellow Squish ‘n Squeeze Jelly Bubbles. I really struggled to get my 3-year-old to understand that this wasn’t eating jelly, because it looks and smells just like it, and that she needed to use it in the bath.  It is a bright, fun, squishy, tactile bath jelly with a fruity fragrance.  You take a handful of jelly and let it soften in the water, then squish and squeeze it through the fingers for a whole lot of bath-time excitement.  Then you can whisk up the bath water to produce really great long-lasting bubbles. This really was a lot of fun and for R41 for an 80g tub, you would do well to keep a few on hand for fun at bath time and for a little extra add in gifts for friends.  This would also make awesome party favors for your next kids party.  It will amuse kids of all ages.

squishy copy

Another winner is the Sea ‘n Sand Bathpops.  I don’t know about your kids but my kids just cannot resist bath beans of any kind. The anticipation of the spongy surprise inside never gets old.  These are in the theme of sea creatures and all you have to do is pop a bath bean into the bath and wait for the shape to pop out of the capsule and hear their shrieks of delight.  These are really fun things to keep handy for lots and lots of fun and also make great party favors or stocking fillers. They can be bought on the Acornkids store for R20.50 and there are various other themes to choose from for tons of happy bath-time fun.

As an added bonus there was a special free gift of the Acornkids Buzz off cream.  I can’t begin to tell you how welcomed this product was.  We have been tackling giant mosquitos of late, brought on by the ridiculous heat wave in Cape Town.  Nothing has been working to keep them away. That was until we tried out this product and we haven’t had any mozzies to deal with, which has meant better sleep for everybody and no painful welts in the morning.  My poor youngest child seems to be quite allergic to a mosquito bite and so it has really been quite a struggle. The product includes Lavender, Geranium, Eucalyptus, Lemom, Peppermint and Citronella oil, as well as extract of Cinnamon.  It can be applied to the whole body and even to your bedding. It smells fantastic. My kids even bring it to me in case I have forgotten to put it on them, because they love how well it works, and also are quite taken with the smell. You can buy this buzz off cream in the kids skin care range section on the Acornkids store for just R59 and it’s absolutely worth it.  I will never be without it again.

Buzz 1

So after looking at all these products we received in the one box individually, and if you do a quick sum, you will soon see that paying the subscription fee is well worth it.  You get to try out a whole of lot of different products, and your kids have hours of fun in the bath.  No more painful bathing sessions after a hard day at work.  I think something like this, is an essential for a working mom to have handy, you will be very glad you did.  The bath struggle is real and this really helps to keep the fun and laughter happening instead of the hair pulling and screaming matches or power struggles that bath time usually presents… that is in the real world of course.

For any more information on the Acornkids range or about the KidsBox you can visit the website or email info@acornkids.com If you would like to know about the kids box in detail then you can read this great FAQ’s page.

Now comes the best part.  Would you like to win your very own one month KidsBox subscription box? Well you can do that, by entering the giveaway via the Rafflecopter widget in this post.  All you need to do to qualify is to comment on this post by telling me which of the products mentioned above you would most like to try, and for extra entries you can also tweet about the giveaway or visit Acornkids on Facebook. The giveaway will end on Monday the 1st of February and I will send the prize directly to the winner.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

As a Side note,I would also like to add that you will not only find fantastic bath and body products on the Acornkids website, but a wide variety of Books, puzzles and other fun learning goodies. For instance You can celebrate world book day on the 3rd of March buy getting some fantastic kids books at excellent prices directly from their website. Acornkids have a range of top quality books aimed at captivating children through story telling. These Bright, colourful books combine beautiful artwork with wonderful stories and activities. Our books capture the imagination, spark curiosity, inspire creativity and in still a respect for cultural, social and ecological diversity.

Take care and Happy bathing

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9 thoughts on “{Win} A one month subscription for an Acornkids Kidsbox.

  1. Definitely the Buzz Off Cream. Mosquitoes are like moths to a flame when it comes to my baby girl and I need something that’s full proof to keep her protected

  2. I would most love to try the Acornkids Buzz Off Cream.
    Mosquitoes are a real buzz in our home,
    having barren dampened land in our backyard it seems to attract mosquitoes into our home.
    I would love to try the Buzz off cream as it is great to use on my kids body and even on beddings and of course the reason being it smells fantastic as mentioned.

  3. The Buzz of cream so catches my bubbly fun including the bath pops they sound magical and exactly the kind of stuff that my son would adore,I have to certainly agree with you in regards to bath time its as good as navigating a vessel whilst mom is the tug boat.To be very honest with you I would adore this box so very much as being a mom well its a supernatural job and I’m having my moments of creativity blocks with my little one and this would help so very much!!!Following on twitter as well halima_shaik

  4. I would love to see how my kids do with the Funky faces ♡ and see if it makes a difference to our Bath time. Also I would love to know of other of these box parcels you talk about. It’s such a great idea ♡♡♡

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