Winter Warmer Recipe {Luxe Broccoli and Cheese Soup}

So we are heading well into Autumn and many people are already opting for warming winter type meals. My whole family adore soups of any kind and although I normally stick to the staple few Like Pea, Bean or vegetable, these take long to prepare and sometimes there are occasions where I feel like soup after work having not planned ahead, and then I end up buying ready made soup at Woolworths, which can be expensive.  I also like to play with flavors and experiment a little, and this is exactly what happened one night a few years ago when I decided to make soup from two heads of Broccoli that I had. We haven’t stopped making it since.   This was not any recipe I found in a book or magazine.  It simply just happened and couldn’t be easier to make. This recipe can be purely vegetarian but is also great if you add a little meat to it by sprinkling some crispy Bacon bits on top.


 And that is it.  It couldn’t be any easier. I can highly recommend this soup and you will get an equally amazing use by replacing the Broccoli with Cauliflower.  Both are delicious and very filling. I hope you try this recipe.  Let me know what you think.

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4 thoughts on “Winter Warmer Recipe {Luxe Broccoli and Cheese Soup}

    1. Yes, I have been trying to make soup atleast 3 times a week. There is just something about a hearty bowl of soup. Thank you for stopping by Sula.

  1. My kids would actually love this as well! I’ve been making something similar with any veggies I find in the house and I swirl in some double cream yoghurt. I just don’t add cheese. Will try this one out!

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