Meal planning for working women. {Guest post + FREEBIE download}

Why working women need meal planning

Guest post by Adrienne Bogatie of Kashering Your Life.

As a working women/mother, you spend Monday to Friday at work, whether it is half day or full day, the last thing you want to do after work is go to the shop and then come home and have to decide what to make for dinner. Let’s face it, we’d all rather be able to pack up, go home and be with the kids, you also don’t want to spend your weekend cleaning and having to go shopping.

Before I get into the meal planning a little tip for your home, take a day’s leave, get a cleaning service to come into your home and give it a thorough clean, then start from scratch, set up a cleaning schedule to keep your house clean, I have a schedule on my website you can download for free. I also have a group to keep us all together with 15 minute de-cluttering tasks each day.

Now let me move on to the importance of meal planning in your life.

Imagine coming home, opening the front door and smelling your supper cooking that can be your reality.

If you have a helper at home who’s task also include cooking for you, this could be an Aupair or live-in housekeeper (not too many people can afford this luxury, but indulge me). Does she/he know what to make each day, or do you have to tell them each time? When they have a meal plan, not only do they know what they need to get ready for you,  but  they can also have the dinner ready any time you want it to be.

Meal planning also helps you keep to a budget and gets your groceries to stretch longer, so that end of the month no money, and only bits and pieces in your cupboard is gone.

So let’s get back to reality where you are the one that does it all yourself. When you come home from work, and you have to stand in front of the fridge or cupboard, you are often tired and so opt for the easiest thing to make, usually pasta with bottle sauce or you get take away’s, both of these options are often unhealthy.

Investing time for menu planning and in a slow cooker will literally change your life. There are thousands of slow cooker recipes out there, and even better you throw everything in one pot and forget about it for a few hours.

There are also millions of recipes that you can find that will take you less than 30 minutes to prepare.

With meal planning you get to choose your favourite foods to make and then draw up your shopping list and whether you do planning weekly or monthly, you will definitely spend less time in the shop and more time doing what you want.

Monthly for me seems best as I then go do one huge shop for 2 hours and the rest of the month I need t 30 minutes in the week to get my bread, milk and veg.

When you know what you are eating you can stick to a list, this will prevent you buying food that is going to go to waste in your fridge.

If you do have help at home and they aren’t in a position to do the actual cooking but will for instance help with the prep, they can be your Sioux chef and cut, peel and chop anything you need and it will be ready for the pot.

Another great idea for working women is to either double or even triple your cooking and freeze, that way as you build up your stock pile you will be able to get away with cooking only two or three times a  week and the rest of the week you can just take something out the freezer.

Great examples for this are stews and mince as they freeze really well, macaroni and cheese also freezes nicely.

Your meal plan is not rigid, and you can plan your nights out or even take aways.

For one family who I spoke to often like to eat out, so a good way is to look at places that have specials.  A lot of restaurants have two for one deals or half price on certain nights and even buffet nights, put that in you plan.

In the beginning meal planning can take a while, don’t be afraid to include meals that the family really like, more than once or twice a month, if your family adores mac and cheese there is nothing wrong with making it every week.

Keep a record of your plans so that you can mark which meals worked and which didn’t and then you know what to use again.

Meal planning really does make living life easier. Why not sit down and give it a try?

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Adrienne Bogatie is married with 4 teenage children aged 12-20, she still works full-time as a registered nurse and theatre assistant. She has always loved cooking, but until recently wasn’t able to do too much of it. Two years ago Adrienne found her passion for meal planning and it changed her and her families lives so much that she has decided to teach other’s to do it as well as offering the service of meal planning as a business venture she hopes to turn into a full-time career. Adrienne is also an ambassador for Jamie Oliver’s food Revolution.  You can contact Adrienne on her website or on her Facebook page

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Download the free e-book (2)

So now for something really cool.  Now that you are all amped to get menu planning, you will be looking for a nice way to get stuck in.  Well I have done all the hard work for you and create an easy to use printable template that you can print out each week, fill in and stick up in your kitchen where it is easy to see.  I added a section for all the groceries you need to buy each week for the meals you plan so that if you need to buy any extra things for a specific day that aren’t already in your pantry, you can note them down here.  Each week you can do one for a few weeks and then you can decide what worked and what didn’t and start setting up a nice rotation so that nobody get’s bored.  BTW, you can work your dinner’s out and takeout into this, just note it down and that is a great way to keep track of how much you are doing that because it is easy not to notice. If you want to get the menu planner then all you need to do is click here. DOWNLOAD THE FREE MEAL PLANNER.

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