I Made Egg-Free Meringues and you can too. {Vegan Recipe}


Now by now you know I am using the month of November (#WorldVeganMonth2016) to showcase just how easy it is to eat a near too or 100% Plant based diet.  One of the biggest questions I get asked about that is what kind of limitations there are where especially baking is concerned.  Well, a few years ago I would have agreed and said that the prospects weren’t that great, but the opposite is true now and the sky really is the limit. Read more

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#WeArePissedOff about the sanitation crisis in South African Schools


Learn the truth about the sanitation crisis in South African schools 

#WeArePissedOff and we are doing something about it.

Let’s be real, poor sanitation in SA schools is something that very few of us ever really give a minute’s thought to, but the struggle is very real and worse than it has ever been.  As parents, some of our biggest goals are to provide a healthy and safe environment for our children and also a good education, but what happens when the education you are entitled to and deserve comes with the price of heavily unsanitary conditions of the toilet facilities you must use during your school day?  Read more

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Healthy Dairy-Free/ Sugar-Free Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fudge {Recipe}


Hello again, I have to apologize for being so scarce but I haven’t had a single chance to sit and write a post this week.  With my last post, I let you all know about #WorldVeganMonth2016 and the 30-day challenge that I am trying my best to take part in.  As I mentioned I am not vegan but am really trying my best to concentrate on eating as close to 100% vegan food for the month of November where possible.  It’s not been too difficult because as it is we are pretty much 95% plant-based anyway but it has meant a few substitutions nonetheless.  One of these is with regards to sweet treats. Read more

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You don’t have to be vegan to support world vegan month 2016 {+ Recipe}

You don't have to be vegan to support world vegan month 2016 {+ Recipe}

November is World Vegan Month

Right, so as the title suggests, November is not only a month where many men set their focus on supporting the very raw issue of cancer by participating in “Movember” and other projects but it is also lesser known as being world vegan month. I have said it before and I am going to say it again just to avoid any confusion.  I don’t by any means follow an authentic vegan lifestyle but I try and live my life as in line with the ethos as possible, wherever possible. I personally don’t enjoy eating meats of any kind, it does not make my body feel good and so I avoid it 95% of the time where I can. I do however really enjoy all things plant based and have all my life. I am not a big egg fan but do really enjoy dairy and so this last year I have been learning to substitute this with dairy free options and it has been going great.  In November I challenge myself to go a full 30 days without any meat and this year I am going to try ditch as many animal by products as I can as well. Read more

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That time we were #makingmemories with Kids Emporium and Wendy Swart Photography.

#makingmemories with Kids emporium


A little while back I was approached by the gorgeous Mandy-Lee Miller from the amazing firm with the same name, to be the lucky recipient of the opportunity to have a family photoshoot with a local photographer who was participating in the awesome #makingmemories campaign with Kids Emporium Paarl, as part of a greater campaign by the well known baby and kids designer brands experience that is Kids EmporiumRead more

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