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Why a working woman's lifestyle blog?
Just what is it all about?

With 20 years full-time working experience, 10 of those a working mother, I have come across many obstacles, trials and hard places in my journey as a working woman. It would be very unfair of me to sit back and not share my knowledge and experience with anybody that needs guidance and help on their own journey.

For a number of years now, my main focus has been mothering and although I was working full-time and still facing all the challenges of a working woman, I found myself focusing all of my writing effort for Being me, on parenting topics and included a little lifestyle & beauty along the way. This was all fine but I felt like I was missing the bigger picture. Where was I, the woman? It was with that in mind that I fired up all the cylinders and started thinking about this passion I had to serve other women out there by providing them with tools to better themselves and their journey as a working woman.
I am dedicated to providing You, the working woman, with all the tools necessary to become the pulled together and passionate person you were designed to be.~Celeste, Editor, Being me - A working womans motivation
I have spent many hours thinking about how best I could serve other working women out there and I realized the the one thing I had always wanted was a platform that spoke specifically to me with regards to issues I was dealing with and that offered me value added benefits of being there, like downloadable resources and a place to engage with women facing the same challenges as me. It was with that in mind that a working woman's motivation came to life and I am so excited to be sharing it with you.
Recent content & contributions
Find some great articles to read on various topics surrounding. your work life, lifestyle, beauty, parenting & more

The Worklife files

Read the latest posts and articles here

Being a working woman is tough, even more so if you are a mother too. Read great guest contributions from women just like you as well as my take and experiences over the last 20 years.

The lifestyle files

All things gorgeously gorgeous!

Working women are people too and we all love nice things, think about issues like health and well being and enjoy finding out about new places, people and products. Over here is where I try and focus on all things lifestyle related. Who knows, you may even find the odd story about my own fitness journey...

The Beauty files

The Beauty files

Many working women are in the public eye daily and are like me very often the first people see when they come to your place of work and because of that most of us need to look our absolute best, you know first impressions and all that. Some of us are just beauty junkies though and want all the make-up So if that's your cup of tea then this is the spot for you to get stuck into.

The parenting files

The parenting files

Many of us are working mother's and we have this enormous responsibility as working mother's to balance work life and parenting life. Parenting is a topic very close to my heart and you will probably find that I write very personal stories here that may or may not resonate with you. Wherever your parenting journey takes you, I hope that my experiences that I share with you here may be a comfort or show you a light at the end of the tunnel.

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66 positive affirmations for working women

Being a working woman and mother isn't easy!

I have been working full time for 20 years and 10 of those spent as a working mother. If there is one thing I can speak on with conviction, it is the lifestyle of the working woman.
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