Win with Domestly and Being Me.


With both my husband and I working full time and having three children it is essential that we have help around the house.  I am fortunate enough to have a full-time Housekeeper who we all love to pieces and she is a saint and savior in my household.  That being said she also needs rest and recovery time like we do and so during the year as well as at the end of the year she needs to take annual leave. This is well deserved time off for her with her family, and to recuperate and rest and it is essential.  During the year, the time off is not too much of an issue, because we somehow manage to keep things going when Maggie takes any leave, but in December we make sure to give her at least 4 consecutive weeks off, and in that time our lives sometimes fall apart.  It’s holidays and the kids are home and there is Christmas and laundry and cooking and guests and did I mention laundry?  It is usually also the time I get stuck into the house with a good “clean out” and this sometimes can mean lots of extra cleaning and sorting. The list goes on and some December’s I have actually wished to be at work because of it.


A while ago I was introduced to the Domestly service and website when I was offered a voucher to try the service and I knew immediately that I would try them out over the December holiday period while Maggie was away.  This is a great service if you are looking for some extra hands to do some out of the ordinary work around your house or if you are having a party and need the extra help.  Perhaps moving the fridge and dishwasher and cleaning behind them on not tasks your housekeeper manages to do regularly or washing the curtains and ironing them then rehanging them. Perhaps you are moving house and need someone to help packing up for you or to clean the house you are vacating.  Or perhaps you are just looking for a reliable person to clean for you a few times a month without the hassle of contracts and UIF to deal with.  This is where Domestly is great.  You can just go onto their very easy to navigate website, find a vetted and available cleaner in your area, book and wait for her to arrive at your door at 8am on the morning of your booking.  They offer fantastic support and deal with all the payments and paperwork on your


So what is it and how does it work:

Domestly finds you affordable and background-checked cleaners whether you’re at home, or away on vacation

The Domestly service is currently available in Cape Town, Johannesburg & Pretoria and is coming to Durban soon.  Domestly uses technology to connect cleaners directly to homeowners. By doing this they are making housekeeping more affordable and accessible to everyone, and at the same time create business and opportunities for cleaners. You can select the price and time-frame for the day, either half day or a full day cleaner and you only pay once the job is done.  You can Choose from over 500 trusted and peer-reviewed cleaners and make a booking directly on their website for the cleaner you would like and have and see their availability on their individual calendars. If the particular cleaner you would like is not available with your booking, you will be given a substitution and so you still get to have your home seen to on the date you need. Once you have done the booking you get a confirmation via email. After the booking is confirmed, you can know that a trusted cleaner will arrive at your place on time to clean your house.

I found this cool little video on the Domestly Facebook page which tells you just how easy it is to use the service and I can attest to being able to do it in about 3 minutes.  It really is easy.

Recently Domestly got even better with the new DOMESLTY SUBSCRIPTIONS

Domestly users can now  also book their favorite Domestly Cleaner via subscription. What does a subscription entail you ask? The subscription offering now allows you to sign up for a 3, 6 or 12 month period.

Now you can get your same cleaner, repeated every week on your selected schedule. You can pay monthly via debit order for the subscription duration plus you can cancel at any time (one months notice required). Should you select a 6 or 12 month subscriptions you will receive a 5 or 8 percent discount respectively on your monthly payment.

Make sure your home is taken care of, without the hassle of booking and paying every week!

What I love mostly about the Domestly concept is that the cleaning personnel they have registered act really like their own bosses, they basically run their own cleaning service but with the support of the Domestly team. The whole system is very professional and fast and after chatting to Precious who came to clean my house about how it was working for her, I believe it to be a worthwhile system for people to join and assist in much needed safe and worthwhile job creation, because the cleaners can dictate just how much they would like to earn by how much they are available for work plus have the backup of the support of the Domestly company.  Precious mentioned to me that by joining Domestly she is now able to better care for and educate her teenage son and that made me very glad to hear.  I have already decided that at least once a month I will request that the lovely lady “Precious” that helped me out a few Saturday’s back will be requested again to come and help me out with the things dear Maggie just doesn’t find the time to do.  The service really is a lifesaver and so easy to use.

If you haven’t already been to look and would like to book a cleaner through Domestly, then you can do that on their website You can also find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and if you need to get hold of them to talk, you can do that by Telephone 087 550 8073. If you thought you might like to find out a little bit more about the company first then you can go and read about the foudners and investors here.

Would you like to try the Domestly service for yourself?  If so then I have a giveaway right up your street.  Domestly have kindly provided two cleaning vouchers for my readers and all you have to do to win one of them is to enter with the Rafflecopter widget below.  The competition closes on Monday the 23rd of January and I will annouce the two winners on the 24th.  Only entrants that follow the requirements on the Rafflecopter will be eligible for the prize.  Domestly currently is available in JHB, Pretoria and Cape Town and is coming to Durban soon so cleaners will only be available in these areas for claiming your vouchers.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Although I received a voucher to try out the Domestly for myself, I rate them very highly and will use the service again.  All the opions shared in my post are my own and I really enjoyed using this brilliant service.  I would recommend it to anybody looking for someone to help them in their home. All image and video credit to : Domestly.

You want a what for Christmas?

You want what for Christmas?

10-year olds now vs 10-year olds then

When I was 10 years old I was a very happy go lucky, barefooted, outside in the mud and sun kid.  I played with Barbie and My Little Ponies and I made up silly concerts with my friends, cousins, and sister. We made up silly games and ran around the block for exercise and rode our bikes to the shops or to any friend we wanted.  As long as we were home at dinner time.  To earn spending money we knocked on neighborhood doors and offered to collect snails in the gardens for 50c or something like that.  I don’t remember the amount, it was 30 years ago. We formed a “Gang” yes it was an acceptable thing in those days and didn’t involve drugs and violence.  Our gang was called “The Golden Eagles”  We did good deeds around the neighborhood and played for hours in a big overgrown field right next to our house.  We even had red T-Shirts my Aunt bought for us at PEP and, we fabric painted Eagles and the name onto them. There was a massive hole in the field and it felt like the size of the Big hole in Kimberly.  We played there and there was never a thought of being abducted or accosted in this field, or even being buried alive by the sides of the hole where we had burrowed tunnels into it.  We were just carefree and our parents let us do our own thing.  They were secure in our safety and this is a childhood memory I will treasure forever.  Read more

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2016 sucked balls and this is why

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Every New year I say to myself the next is going to be just amazing.  I have had bad years before, like the year my Dad got cancer died 2 months later or the year I was retrenched shortly before I was to get married and it took 8 months to find another job. Or the year we wanted to buy a house, gave up and sacrificed a lot only to have our dreams and financial future pretty much shattered by someone else’s selfishness which set us on a downward spiral, that still seems to be going downward. It has taken us years to get to where we are now yet there are still many more to go before we will ever be able to get that dream back off the ground. There are also the  numerous years we hoped to fall pregnant and didn’t, 6 in total (Those were sad hurtful years) There have been other examples but this post is all about why 2016 just sucked balls and nothing else. Read more

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#WeArePissedOff and we are doing something about it.

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