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It's ok to talk about being in your forties!

A few years ago, if you had told me that I would have a blog, and it would be about parenting, then I may have believed you. At the same time, had you told me it would not only be about parenting but veer more towards Lifestyle in general as well as some beauty and plant-based eating recipes, I would have fallen for that too. If you told me that only a mere 5 years later I would be writing about being in my forties, I would have laughed at you.

 I am Celeste, firstly a woman in my 40's, and then also mother of 3 living in Cape Town and this is Being Me, my journey through, parenting, lifestyle, eating a predominantly plant-based diet and being in my forties. God, I hope I survive it all!

This blog is already a number of years old, and if you scroll back to some of the older posts you will see that my focus has changed once or twice. This is mainly due to me trying to find my real writing niche. As you have gathered, this is a personal blog. It has always been somewhat of a journal to me and for a long time, I let it become something less. I let it become a generic place to voice and share odds and ends and bits and pieces that really had no deep connection to who I was. I wasn't being really fair to all those wonderful souls who had over time come to like my writing and the story I had to tell and so after a lot of soul-searching I decided to dig deep and get back what once was.

As with most things, people are no different and our lives and experiences change over time. Where I was writing about the trials and tribulations of being a working mother of young babies, I now no longer have that voice because my children are bigger, I have a little more time for myself and I have also grown emotionally in leaps and bounds and have a lot more to write on a personal/spiritual level. 

And then there was that time I had barely turned 40 and started experiencing a change in myself which has led me to believe that there is such a thing as early menopause and that my Mother wasn't exaggerating when she said she had already been through her "Change" before she was 42.

This blog is very personal, I hope that by me talking about what I am going through daily, I will be able to help you on your own journey too.

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